About Us

CSAP (Center for Security Analyses and Prevention) is a group of Czech and foreign professionals from the state sector, security services, management, consulting, law companies, advisors and academics who form a unique team capable of responding to any task and providing any advisory service related to political and economic consulting in the field of risk-management and security issues.

Our main goal is the effective functioning of an expert team on a voluntary basis, with focus on the analyses of political, economic and security situations. With other, no less important assistance and intermediary capabilities both in Czech Republic and abroad, this creates a whole new portfolio of analytical tools in the region of Central Europe. We intend to unite individual analysts and advisors who do not dispose of functional instruments for complex approaches to effective problem solutions, which are limited by the boundaries of individuality of the particular expert and their ability to elaborate social complexity. Only a team of political, security and economic experts can provide a complex analysis with relevance for the everyday life.