What we do

Our Portfolio of Services

  • Analyses and prognoses of political situations, the analyses of market development, SWOT analyses and the creation of special analytical products (mainly the political situation monitoring).
  • Interdisciplinary analyses of international threats and opportunities. We provide analyses of political and security trends and present a full range of insight into the goals of government politics, electoral prognoses and perspectives of power changes.
  • Important decision-making processes of governments and large companies demonstrate the need for detailed knowledge of particular regions or countries of interest. Therefore, the detailed studies and monitoring services, which perfectly answer particular needs and interests of various actors, provide necessary information for the specific action.
  • We offer comparative analyses of individual countries. The analyses take into account the perspectives of political, economic and social stability on both a domestic and regional level, political crises, level of investment climate (including corruption etc.) and state regulations.
  • We regularly examine economic and financial policy of individual countries. Our publications provide both the analysis of macroeconomic variables (economic growth, unemployment, inflation, public finances, balance of payments) and the general economic view of individual countries or regions to the clients (including specific economic spheres).
  • We are capable to provide assistance, advisory and intermediary services.