Geopolitical Interests in Western Balkans: KOSOVO

We would like to introduce you our final publication of a 1-year long project. The projects focused on the geopolitical interest of foreign countries in Kosovo. The authors specifically focused on the USA, EU, Russia, China Turkey, Gulf countries, Iran, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can download the pdf file here =>Geopolitical Interests in Western Balkans Kosovo

Information about the publication

Represented by:
Martin Laryš
Tomáš Kolomazník

Publication and Project Coordinator:

Halina Chraščová and Zdeněk Rod


Halina Chraščová, Zdeněk Rod, Francesco Trupia, Kristína Lehutová, Ivan Iliev, Igor Suvorov, Michael Andruch, Fitore Fejza, Rusmir Piralic, Judith Corcoba

Language correction:

Halina Chraščová, Michaela Greňová, Keti Bocaj